TC2 Competitive Wiki

The Agent class in Typical Colors 2 is a support class mainly used for picking off key targets or giving useful information to your team such as the enemy Uber percentage or positions of specific players, or enemy combos.

The Agent has a base hit point total of 125, and has the second fastest movement speed tied with the Doctor class and only slower than the Flanker class.

The Agent's arsenal consists of a revolver, an invisibility watch, a butterfly knife, an electrosapper and a disguise kit.

Invisibility Watch

One of the key roles of the Agent in a competitive match is to give information about the enemy team. The Agent is the most effective class at doing this out of the 9 classes because she has access to the Invisibility Watch. The invisibility watch allows the Agent to go invisible upon the player right clicking, which proves very useful for getting behind enemy lines, getting out of dangerous situations, and allows the agent to be very dangerous herself, as she can appear anywhere around the map and easily kill you or your team. Going invisible also grants the Agent an extra 20% damage resistance. While under the effects of the stock (default) Invisibility watch, the Agent's effective health (Damage needed to kill) is raised from 125, to 156 (100 to 125 with Swift Stiletto, 70 to 87 with Conniver's Kunai)

Invisibility Watch Cloak regen rate Cloak time Damage resistance (While invisible)
Image of Stock 100% (30 seconds) 10 seconds 20% (25% extra effective health)
Image of C&D 200% (15 seconds) Infinite (Motion dependent) 20% (25% extra effective health)
Image of DR 134% (22.5 seconds) 7 seconds 40% (60% extra effective health)

The stock Invisibility Watch is the first watch you get when you start playing Agent. It is the most versatile of watches available to the Agent arsenal. It is the only watch out of the three that allows the agent to pick up ammo boxes around to map to refill the Cloak meter whilst still under invisibility. This means the Agent can easily move around the map while staying constantly hidden. This is the most common watch used by Agents in the competitive scene, due to its versatility, decent cloak time and allows mobility around the map. It has the second quietest decloak noise, meaning people rarely hear decloak with it.

The Cloak and Dagger watch is a watch used mainly on information Agents. It allows the spy to stay in 1 spot and stay hidden forever, as the watch's cloak drain is based off of motion of the agent. This includes walking, jumping, being air blasted, knocked back, pushed and/or flung into the air (holding the crouch key does slow the drain rate assuming your grounded). The watch has a downside of not being able to pickup ammo boxes while invisible, meaning the Agent will need to stand still or move very slowly in order to not be discovered. This lack of mobility limits the Agents ability to be in position for key picks and reduces the information being provided to your team. Additionally the watch also has a -35% cloak meter from ammo boxes stat, meaning even out of invisibility, you gain less cloak meter back from ammo boxes. However, the Cloak and Dagger has the fastest cloak recharge time out of the 3 watches, which is ideal to counteract it's limitation of mobility, as you can gain your cloak back a lot faster. It also has the quietest decloak noise of the 3 watches, which you will only be able to hear if the agent decloaks a few studs behind you.

The Dead Ringer is a very special watch in that it allows the Agent to fake her own death. This death creates a ragdoll, drops an ammo box that doesn't refill any ammo and plays the death noise as the watch is being activated. Upon pressing right mouse button, the Agent will hold up her watch (She will not be invisible and the cloak meter will not drain). In this time, the Agent is unable to attack until she presses right click again to deactivate the dead ringer. The dead ringer will be activated upon the Agent taking any points of damage and this damage is reduced by 70%. 1 point of score will also be added to the player who activated the dead ringer, to fake the agents death further, however this point does not count towards the gaining of funds at the end of the round. The dead ringer is used in the competitive scene to help aid in the survivability of the Agent with the extra 70% damage reduction, as players will usually know when an Agent has triggered a dead ringer or not, so the feign death mechanic is nullified.

The Agent can deal 10 times the current hp of an opponent she has stabbed in the back with her knife, always resulting in a kill unless the enemy has been Supercharged by an enemy Doctor or is a Marksman with the razorback equipped.