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"Oh color me red, thanks lad!" -Annihilator saying thanks


The Annihilator is the fourth enumerated class in Typical Colors 2. He is a Defensive class who specializes in explosives and general defenses. The Annihilator is one of the best classes for taking down sentry nests, thanks to his ability to deal quick and massive damage using his explosives.

With his high damage output and 175 base health, Annihilator is considered a Power class, being one of the strongest classes in the game and capable of destroying entire enemy teams if they are too clumped up to each other due to his primary weapon, the Grenade Launcher's splash damage. He also has a secondary weapon, the Stickybomb Launcher which can be used to his advantage to set up traps and catch his enemies offguard. Besides being a great area denial tool, he can also use it to deal massive amounts of damage.


As an Annihilator, your job is to dish out massive amounts of damage by using various explosive weapons. He has a base health of 175, giving him a decent bulk. He has a slightly slower movement speed, however he can use shields or stickies to greatly improve his mobility. He has a grenade launcher which can do massive amounts of damage on direct hit. The grenades (aka pipes or pills) will bounce off any surface it touches and blows up if it doesn't directly hit an enemy. As for melees, most of his swords have a longer melee range, allowing him to have an advantage in melee fights. You can choose to exchange your high damage stickybombs to equip a shield that passively reduces damage taken for you and allows you to charge at the enemy, doing high amounts of damage on impact and causing knockback. It also gives you a mini-crit/critical hit for your melee depending on charge duration.

What you SHOULD do as an anni:[]

  • Set up multiple traps, this will further punish any attempts of the enemy flanking.
  • Shoot with purpose. All of anni's weapons takes a LONG time to reload so unless if your sure you can hit your pipes, don't spam from long range.
  • set up precautionary sticky traps while running away or reloading behind cover so you can whittle down enemy health to a more equal playing field or deny enemies access to key areas
  • know your range, because grenades have no fall off or ramp up, if you shoot very close than you will take massive self damage from the grenade, and your grenades do not travel far enough to do any good at longer ranges so find the best range to fight against your enemies.
  • destroy sentries. mechanics fear you as you are one of 2 classes whose job is to destroy sentries and do it quickly. 3 pipes on a stationary target is more than enough to demolish the ultimate defence force of your enemies.

What you SHOULD NOT do as anni:[]

  • Set up 1 sticky trap and camp it. Your not a mechanic, and you would much rather spend 2-3 bombs on other spots.
  • take out your melee blindly. It has a longer deploy and holster time (meaning it takes longer to take out and switch to other weapons) so avoid taking out your melee unless if your playing as an anniknight or you are sure you can finish him off in one clean stroke
  • exclusively rely on one weapon, the anni is often considered to have 2 primaries, both his primaries and secondaries have enough ammunition in a clip to be able to kill every class, use it accordingly. it is detrimental to only rely on sticky bomb launcher as it is detrimental to rely only on the grenade launcher. Use stickies to block off certain flank locations or key areas of the map like choke points or the objective, and use your grenade launcher to finish off targets or to kill pesky scouts and jumping soldiers
  • sticky jump too often, anni's stickybombs do a lot of self damage so use the stickyjumping ability sparingly such as the beginning of a round, or to reach new heights and building tops to chase or run away. Do not use sticky jumping like a roaming soldier as the huge self damage will render the anni vulnerable to every class in the game


  • Mechanic: Being an explosive class, the Annihilator can destroy Mechanic's nest and 2-shot him easily.
  • Doctor: The Doctor is within the health range of being able to be 2-shot by Annihilator's pipes
  • Brute: Despite his larger base health, Brute is too slow to be able to dodge Annihilator's pipes and stickies, making him an easy target


  • Flanker: With his high speed and damage output, the flanker can easily dodge Annihilator's pipes and stickies and 2shot him, it is recommended to fire safety stickies at your feet in case the flanker gets too close.
  • Marksman: The marksman can easily outrange the Annihilator's weapons. Try to close in the distance by sticky jumping or just avoid him in general.
  • Agent: The agent is the 2nd quickest class behind Flanker and therefore can easily outrun Annihilator and reach his back. Always look back when you aren't doing something important and turn up the volume so you can hear the Agent's decloak.