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Desc and history

Arsonist is the counterpart of the Team Fortress 2 Pyro. Arsonist is very lethal in close combat and not that effective at far ranges. Like in TF2, it wears a gas mask and there's not much to know about it, even we don’t know its gender! Arsonist remains a puzzle to this day.




Ability-Immune to afterburn


With its weapons mainly meant for close ranges, arsonist supports a simple solution to close combat situations. Yet again, arsonist can be a more supportive class. Since arsonist can Airblast it expand his tactics to a support or a hell-ish aggressive class. Airblast is the most important thing for arsonist.It can reflect any projectiles back to your enemy dealing mini-crits of that weapon! Not only that, it can put out burning players! Putting out burning players will make you regain 20 health and gives you back 1 point. You can also Airblast enemies away, saving a pesky Agent from stabbing your Doctor Here are all the projectiles you can Airblast:

Rockets, pipes, sentry rockets, mad milk, lemonade, Huntsmen arrows, Sandman, rescue ranger arrows, crusader’s crossbow arrow, the six point shuriken, short circuit energy balls and flares.

Airblast also allows you to push people. This makes it easy for Arsonists to use combos such as puff and sting or degreaser shotgun combo. It also can prevent you from dying and stop pushes.If you are new, it might be hard to get use to Airblast and theres a delay to it.But pratice makes perfect. With all these uses of Airblast you can reflect and defend your friendly teammates. Such as being a Arbronist, helping friendly mechanic by checking for Agents, reflect projectiles aimed at your mechanic's buildings and remove sappers using the Homewrecker. And you can be crazily aggressive when doing your combos or just W+M1. Doing combos put out more dps so i suggest you doing it then W+M1.


•Lethal in close quarters

•Amazing crowd control


•Ineffective at far ranges


Arsonist is lethal in close ranges and great at support. Its terrible against far distance so upon seeing one keep your distance.