TC2 Competitive Wiki

Basic information[]

Brute has a beefy 300 HP, so it may sound tempting to play him, but its important to remember he is also incredibly slow if he equipped the guns. In fact, he is the slowest class in the game. When you're revved up a snail could move faster, crouch and you become an actual sentry. That isn't to say he's a bad class, he's probably one of the best classes in casual matches, especially when paired up with a doctor. You may have also noticed his weapon, the Minigun, which has a staggering 200 rounds and no need to reload, with a firerate so high he has the highest DPS in the game. Brute is incredibly dangerous in close quarters combat, and will obliterate anything in close enough range. He also carries a shotgun as a secondary and fists as his standard melee.

Advanced information[]

A Brute's main strength is his HP and DPS, with his main weakness being his sluggish gameplay. They are hard countered by Marksmen and Agents with their 1 shot capabilities. Flanker is also a soft counter, and if you don't have good enough tracking one can get close to you and move unpredictably while shooting you. 300 hp is a lot but a flanker can definitely shred that in seconds. Crowd control is also a major problem for Brute. If you're overwhelmed by enemies they can easily take you down in seconds.

The rev up speed of your Minigun is 0.87s.

A Doctor-Brute combo is one of, if not the best combo in the game, but it's still important to look out for Marksmen and Agents


It is best to play around your team, as you work best around them. Lay suppressing fire on the enemy while your team can capture the point or finish the enemy off. You might also consider equipping the Burger, it heals 300 HP but leaves you vulnerable for a couple of seconds, you can also throw it to give a medium health pack for your teammates or more importantly your doctor.

Some useful tips:

-Jump rev corners, that's to say, jump then rev up your Minigun around a corner. This will catch unsuspecting enemies off guard while also making you ready to shoot.

-Observe the area, and keep an eye out for Marksmen. Check your nearby teammates if you suspect they are Agents.It's especially important to do this in case you are going to be focusing on something else.

-Kindly ask your team Mechanic to build a Teleporter, it can make respawning and getting to the front lines much faster.

-Look for potential vantage points where you can make the most of your weapons and area denial capabilities.

-Tell your team to take down the enemy Marksman, as a Brute, you should not peek sniper sightlines, there will be situations where there is a Marksman ready to take you out once you have peeked his sightlines, once the Marksman is dead, then you can finally focus on something else