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"You mess with the tenders you the cock!"


Cock Tenders is mainly a American/European team

It used to be the best/strongest team in TCC and is infact the one of the Oldest Comp Team that is still "Active"

To Join this team you must meet the following ( or not lol )

  1. Be good/ Have good Aim
  2. Be recomended by most members
  3. Be Funny
  4. Pray to the chicken in the sky

Team Members[]

Cock Tenders consists of the following players:

  • Digi(Team Captain or Terry), Preferred Classes: Anni.
  • yayforyay1000(Vice Captain or Vice President of Guatemala ), Preferred Classes: Unknown.
  • Chaorrupt, Preferred Classes: Trooper (Roamer) and Doctor (Maybe idk).
  • NeoTr1x, Preferred Classes: Trooper (Roamer),Doctor , and Flanker.
  • lukaswoz, Preferred Classes: Unknown.
  • deaddoggaming07, Prefered Classes: Unknown (arsonist formally but i have no idea anymore).
  • Atruim, Preferred Classes: Unknown (yea you're going to see alot of Unknowns from now on).
  • Marko/Tabby, Preferred Classes: Trooper (Pocket).
  • dark/Darkythaze, Preferred Classes: Mechanic, Flanker (idk maybe).
  • Sunny, Prefered Classes: Mechanic.
  • Theseus/Sliver, Preferred Classes: Unknown.
  • Jerusamann, Preferred Classes: Unknown.
  • HotPotFam, Preferred Classes: Unknown.
  • S8adeFelip3/Shade, Preferred Classes: Doctor.
  • ZzSTORMCHASERzZ, Preferred Classes: Annihilator.

Honorary and Retired Team Memebers[]

These are the Honorary and Retired Team Memebers of Cock Tenders

  • Ryaltov, Preferred Classes: Trooper, Marksman, Annihilator, Current Team: Legion.
  • zombiefire12345677, Preferred Classes: Annihilator, Doctor, Trooper, Flanker, Current Team: Legion.
  • NinjaHyperHD, Preferred Classes: Annihilator, Multi-Class, Current Team: Legion.
  • fireflanks(Honorary Cockist), Preferred Classes: Doctor, Current Team: Legion.
  • YT_Twinky, Preferred Classes: Mechanic, Current Team: None/Freelancer.
  • themanbehindthejUice, Preferred Classes: Flanker, Current Team: The Ass Burners.
  • SandUnderTable, Preferred Classes: Unknown, Current Team: None/Freelancer.
  • kinglyBV, Preferred Classes: Unknown, Current Team: Malefic Mallards.
  • TrSty, Preferred Classes: Unknown, Current Team: None/Freelancer.
  • Jackolatern, Preferred Classes: Unknown, Current Team: None/Freelancer.
  • oakhA, Preferred Classes: Unknown, Current Team: None/Freelancer


  • The current Cock Tenders logo

    3d/GIF of the Cock Tenders Logo

    Cock Tenders used to be the largest team in TCC.
  • Cock Tenders had too many members that the had to kick some of the members because it passed the team limit of 18 players this was known as The Great Cock Tenders Purge one of kicks was to YT_Twinky who was kicked off the team because of a Adolf Hitler with 02/Zero Two pfp, Twinky would be later known to leak the TC2 Competitive wiki to the B4nny discord.
  • The first instance of Cock Tenders being mentioned as a comp team was on 5/18/2020
  • Cock Tenders was a homage to the famous team Pussy Nuggets was disbanded and Dark( The former Pussy Nuggets Owner) would later join Cock Tenders
  • The Team Member Chaorrupt is a game dev on roblox and is actually working on a game called Adversity
  • The first version of the Cock Tenders logo

    The former team a, Competence Incompetence, UnUnEpic, Sauce(maybe idk) and The Ass Burners(maybe idk) all have an alliance with Cock Tenders
  • This Page was all made by NeoTr1x
  • fireflanks is the only Honorary Cockist Because of his help in the scrim against FROYOTECH (aka he subbed for like 1 min is what I heard)
  • Digi was the first comp player to reach 1000cp in the TCC server.
  • This team is not a joke and if you say it is we will cut off your nutsack and eyeballs mix it in with my banana bread and force feed it to you.
  • Legion is just Cock Tenders with a pulse lol.



Cock Tenders vs FROYOTECH 2-1 (out of 3 maps where 3 rounds were played each map i think)


Competece Incompetence vs Cock Tenders 5-1

a vs Cock Tenders 5-1