TC2 Competitive Wiki

"Does it look like I needed your help?" - Flanker's reluctant thanks


Flanker is the first enumerated class in TC2. He is an offense class who specializes in capturing objectives and picking off weak opponents.

Flanker has the ability to Double jump, and each double jump is recharged when you land on the ground. Being the fastest class in TC2, combined with his double jump and his damage output with the Lever Shotgun, Flanker is one of the deadliest classes in a 1v1 scenario.

Flanker is considered a Pick class, being able to easily pick off distracted enemies and escape unscathed with his fast moving speed. However on highlander, Flanker is severely weaker due to there being more classes that can counter him on the same battlefield.


General Tips[]

As a Flanker your job is to, flank behind the enemies, going behind lines and taking out key targets such as the Doctor or Marksman, and get cleanoff kills from low health or injured targets. With a base health of 125, and high movement speed, you are more than well equipped for your job. Flanker's primary is the Lever Shotgun, able to output consistent damage in bursts. Your secondaries are an assortment of utilities and pistols to help you in the battle field. Your melees are packed to the brim with special effects change the way you play the class.

Double Jump[]

Flanker has a special ability to double jump enabling him to have an advantage at 1 v 1 situations by utilizing it to dodge the opponent's incoming fire such as Trooper's rockets or Annihilator's pills. While it is an extremely useful move for traversing high terrains and give you an upper hand in fights, try not to use it all the time as enemies can easily predict you. Instead, double jump at random intervals to make it unreadable for enemies.


The Flanker is a highly mobile "clean up" class, used to capture points and move in and out of fights to deal and avoid as much damage as possible. A competent Flanker must successfully capture points, control the flank, and be able to finish off enemies weakened by power classes (Trooper and Annihilator). Flanker's most effective tactic is to utilize his high speed to ambush enemy players to kill them before they are able to react. The Scout should aim to die as little as possible, as a longer living scout has a higher impact.


Flanker's role is severely diminished in Highlander, as his movement is significantly limited by full-auto high-damage per second classes, such as Brute or Mechanic. As such, Flanker is used more often as a utility class, helping the team by being on the flank, capturing points and objectives, and sometimes following up on damage dealt by the combo. He can also be used to harass certain classes, such as Marksman. In game modes that force players together, such Payload and Attack/Defend, Flanker is often limited in his utility due to his lack of splash damage, but can be deadly on certain King of the Hill maps with multiple flank routes.


Main Competitive Restrictions[]

Slot Weapon 4v4 6v6 Highlander
Primary Lever Shotgun Always
Lupara DB Allowed Allowed Allowed
Shotgun Cannon Allowed Allowed Allowed
Shortstop Allowed Allowed Allowed
Soda Popper Allowed Allowed Allowed
Baby Face's Blaster Allowed Allowed Allowed
Perceptionist Allowed Allowed Allowed
The Specialist Allowed Allowed Allowed
Secondary Pistol Always
Bloxy Cola Allowed Allowed Allowed
Witches Brew Allowed Allowed Allowed
Mad Milk Allowed Allowed Allowed
Winger Allowed Allowed Allowed
Concealed Carry Allowed Allowed Allowed
Six Point Shuriken Allowed Allowed Allowed
Conventional Allowed Allowed Allowed
Super Sneakers Allowed Allowed Allowed
Melee Bat Always
Sandman Allowed Allowed Allowed
Candy Cane Banned Banned Banned
Brooklyn Basher Allowed Allowed Allowed
Grill Scout Allowed Allowed Allowed
Wooden Sword Allowed Allowed Allowed
Atomizer Allowed Allowed Allowed
Wrap Assassin Allowed Allowed Allowed