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Lɘgion is an American Typical Colors 2 competitive team.

Owned and created by Ryaltov

Player & Roster[]

Season 1: Active Players
Display Name Name Role
Alpine Rune Combo Flanker
zombiefire12345677 zombiefire12345677 Flanking Flanker
4GSin_Monke Smartm1 Roaming Trooper
Sveg Svegilicious Pocket Trooper
4GSin_siege Ryaltov Annihilator
SeasonFlame Craig Doctor
  • At Ryaltov's request Array will maincall this match and future matches.
  • coolbrosverre takes Cr1tical spot temporarily for Pocket Trooper
  • Ryaltov gives Monke the roamer role, Ryaltov takes Ninja's place as Annihilator

Rest of Lɘgion players:

  • NoobTower: Trooper, Annihilator

Old Lɘgion Logo


  • Legion is currently the most active team in TC2 Competitive
  • Legion used to be known as OmiRho and as RRoyotech
  • This is the 1st Page Dedicated to a team on the TC2 Comp wiki
  • Legion is based off the highly successful RGL team FROYOTECH not from Typical Colors 2, but Team Fortress 2. Most of Legion's roster is highly skilled as well.
  • The original Editor and Creator of the team page and the Team Page Template is Verified
The Logo for OmiRho (old RRoyoTech)

The Logo For OmiRho (RRoyoTech before rebrand)


This category will be used once comp is held more often (scrimmages)


Lɘgion vs The Grindmen: Lɘgion Won

Lɘgion vs Lit Spankers: Lɘgion Won

Lɘgion vs Lit Spankers: Lɘgion Won

Lɘgion vs Lit Spankers: Lɘgion Won

Lɘgion vs Painmen: Lɘgion Won

Lɘgion vs Painmen: Lɘgion Won


Lɘgion vs Ununepic: Ununepic Won