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Current Malefic Mallards logo

Malefic Retards is an Asian/American competitive team, created by Pixl_Duck on 8/21/2021 (MM/DD/YY).

There are currently no requirements to join this team yet. Could change in the future.

Team Roster[]

  • Pixl_Duck, (CAPTAIN) Preferred Classes: Annihilator, Trooper, Flanker.
  • SLUGG_R, Preferred Classes: Flanker, Doctor.
  • mithicalice, Preferred Classes: Annihilator.
  • Mugzwo, Preferred Classes: Doctor, Flanker, Mechanic.
  • GrizLeeBear, Preferred Classes: Arsonist, Flanker.
  • BartMartB, Preferred Classes: Marksman.
  • onehandguy, Preferred Classes: Annihilator, Doctor, Marksman, Flanker.

Retired Members[]

This category is for the players that no longer play or have joined a different team.


  • Pixl_Duck is the second-highest level player behind Tophat_Texan.
  • The team logo has gone through several changes before being finalized to the one seen on this page (Prone to still change in the future).