TC2 Competitive Wiki

Model of GRN"s payload.

Payload is a Game-mode in Typical Colors 2 where the GRN has to escort a cart of explosives to the enemies' last objective. Once the cart is escorted to said objective, the round ends and teams are switched. Each team is timed by how fast they reach the last objective. This game mode is called "stop-watch." Usually, 9v9 scrims will have a payload map as the main gamemode. If neccesary, KOTH (King of the Hill) will serve as a tie-breaker.


For this Game-mode, you want to have one of each class since it is 9v9. Not having one of each class puts you at a disadvantage because in a 9v9, there can be 1 of each class. Each class can counter another class (ex. Marksman counters Brute) and if you dont have one of each, the enemy will out class you. This Game-mode is all about time. You want to put the most effort into pushing the cart rather than killing classes like Agents and Arsonist. Every second counts.


  • pl_Calamity
  • pl_Upward
  • pl_badwater (Badwater Basin)
  • pl_srock

More maps of the payload game mode are to come in the future. One of which is pl_snowycoast.