TC2 Competitive Wiki

A pick is a solitary kill on an important class. As opposed to taking out a few enemies before dying or retreating, it is killing only one enemy, with that enemy being an important piece of the opposing team. Picks may or may not be suicidal; obviously surviving after a pick is better than being suicidal. Whilst all classes can get a pick, some are more effective than others:

  • Agents are not as effective at picking as Marksmen (as they generally do not survive for long after doing their job), but they can cause paranoia, sap buildings, provide distractions, and backcap an objective. They are especially useful if the enemy team is watching for Marksmen (and therefore probably not their backs). The Eternal Reward and Cloak and Dagger combination is great for hiding out before going to strike at an important enemy, as well as having the benefit of not creating any sound and taking the disguise.
  • Flankers can use their speed and extra mobility to flank the enemy and can pick key targets such as enemy Marksmen or Doctor. While the Flanker can deal out a huge 108 burst damage at point blank, they are not viable to go head on in the front line combat. Instead the Flanker exceeds in one to one combat so their main priority is to wait for the perfect opportunity and strike. Like flanking behind the enemy lines while they are in combat and taking out the doctor or marksman.
  • Marksmen are the quintessential picking class; in fact one could say that due to the nature of his primary weapon all of his kills are picks. One uncharged headshot or fully charged bodyshot will take out any light class with minimal risk. A slightly charged headshot can easily take out a Doctor as well. Enemy Marksmen or built-up Mechanics can also be efficiently removed this way. A fully charged headshot will also pick any Brute, which instantly removes a wall from in front of the team.
  • Troopers, although he has a low ground movement speed, he can use their ability to rocket jump to quickly maneuver around the map. Making him capable for both offense and defense while also picking classes. Trooper has 200 health and with the rocket launcher, he can be battling in the frontlines or make a suicidal play for picking off classes.
  • Annihilators running a shield can easily charge in and quickly 1-shot the Doctor with relative ease and then come charging back out from danger. Their stickies are also very useful as they do massive amounts of damage. 2 sticky bombs can quickly take out the important targets like the Doctor and the Marksman.