TC2 Competitive Wiki


Sauce is mostly an Asian and Australian team

It was created by NoobTower168 and pug (Kalauey) as the co-owner, the team was made on 11/30/2021(MM/DD/YY)

We prefer to not let any new members in right now but the requirements are

  1. Be Atleast Level 100
  2. Be Good at 1-3 Classes
  3. Try to be as Competent as Possible

Player Roster[]

  • Roster: NoobTower168: (owner), flanker, trooper, anni, brute, marksman, agent
  • Kalauey: (co-owner): can play every class
  • PendingWarrior: can play every class
  • IronDIRagon: trooper, mechanic
  • Lucasthewarrior2: arson, anni
  • AwesomeAnton095: flanker, trooper, doctor
  • Torqi2008: trooper, doctor,
  • DragonRider26328: anni, brute, marksman, agent
  • EnderFoxy0: flanker, doctor, marksman, agent
  • Diamondrokin146: flanker, marksman


  • This team is based on an IRL friend group
  • Almost all of the members' level role in TCC isn't updated
  • The idea of creating this team started as a joke between NoobTower and PendingWarrior since 3 months ago
  • Extra: (if you say sauce is ununepic with less members Noobtower will eat you)
  • sex lmao -naomi