TC2 Competitive Wiki


Competitive Typical Colors 2 is a community of high-ranking players that battle in either 4v4, 6v6, or highlander. Competitive or sometimes referred to as "comp," is the less chaotic and more team-based mode for TC2. (created 4/14/2020)


Competitive rounds start when a host announces that they're doing a match in the comp queuing channel. Once enough people have reacted to the host's announcement, the host will begin to pick captains. Once the host has chosen the captains, they will handpick the teammates they want on their team. The host will move the team members to their respected voice channels, and the match will begin.

After the third or fifth round is over, the host will move both team back to the main voice channel where the game will be concluded. The host will then distribute Competitive Points (CPs).


In TC2 comp there are tiers that can only be reached if player participates in a round of competitive and are on the winning team. There five tiers that can be earned if the player receives the points required

  • S-Tier 560 - 700
  • A-Tier 400- 560
  • B-Tier 280 - 400
  • C-Tier 120 - 280
  • D-Tier 0 - 120
King Of The Hill Payload Attack/Defense Control Points Capture The Flag
koth_Lakeside pl_Upward ad_Yellowvalley cp_Yellowvalley -
koth_Warmtic pl_Badwater ad_gorge - -
koth_Product - - - -
koth_Bagel - - - -

Scrims & Teams[]

Scrim or scrimmage is when two teams go against each other for practice and improvement. To join a Scrim match, you need to be in a team; to join one in the recruitment-hub channel in the discord link above.


There are currently 12 teams

Item restrictions[]