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TC2 Competitive[]

  • TC2 Competitive Discord

Tc2 competitive[]

Verify your roblox account to the roblox bot so bot knows what nickname to give you and send a screenshot of your level, you must be level 100 to join you can still get the level 50 role but you have to be level 100 to play comp.


In TC2 comp they are tiers that can only be reached if player participates in a round of competitive and are on the winning team. There five tiers that can be earned if the player receives the points required

  • God-Tier 1000 - 1000000
  • S-Tier 560 - 700
  • A-Tier 400- 560
  • B-Tier 280 - 400
  • C-Tier 120 - 280
  • D-Tier 0 - 120

Changes from Casual to Competitive[]

  • Class limits are enabled
  • All competitive modes have a weapon ban list
  • Some classes are banned in certain competitive modes (such as having a Brute and a Doctor on the same team being banned in 4v4s)
King Of The Hill Payload Attack/Defense Control Points Capture The Flag
koth_Lakeside pl_Upward ad_Yellowvalley cp_Yellowvalley -
koth_Warmtic pl_Badwater ad_gorge - -
koth_Product - - - -
koth_Bagel - - - -

Scrims & Teams[]

Scrim or scrimmage is when two teams go against each other for practice and improvement. To join a Scrim match, you need to be in a team; to join one in the recruitment-hub channel in the discord link above.


There are currently 13 teams

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Weapons, classes, and gamemodes[]

All the stats, facts, and everything about Typical Colors 2 and its competitive scene.