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TCL stands for Typical Competitive League and was made by Ryaltov and Swiftz. It was released in 10/17/2021 after properly being approved by jerome, as a solution to the lack of scrims and rewards in TC2 Competitive.


Scrims & Teams[]

Scrim or scrimmage is when two teams go against each other. To join a Scrim match, you need to be in a team.

TCL only accepts teams that are competent, want the prize, and take the game seriously.


TCL has 8 pioneered teams:

  • Tadpole Country (TadL)
  • Global Clan Earth (GCE)
  • My Waifu List (MWL)
  • Don't Press Backspace (UnDo)
  • RRoyoTech (RRoyo)
  • YaYa (ya.)
  • Spectator Gaming (sG)


  • Freelancers
  • Ringer-Ups

Note that people who do not have teams can make an invite team with others who also do not have teams. So far, only 8 teams can participate in seasons

Item restrictions[]

No item restrictions have been made since the TCL Item Breakdown. Mock scrims and polls are hosted in the server frequently so that players are not upset.


  • Invite Season 1


  • TCL is based off of RGL(Recharge Gaming League), a TF2 Comp League .
  • TCL was previously known as ACL ( Abiding Comp League).
  • Despite it's name change, the logo is still
  • The name was changed due to ACL (Arsenal Competitive League) having such a similar name
  • TCL is server partners with TC2 Quick matches which is similar to FACE-IT and TCC. The only difference is that there are different item restrictions. Recently, the owner of that server has been muted by popular demand, but are still server partners.