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Grindmen Logo

Grindmen Logo was made by Diamond

The Grindmen Is a team in the TC2 Comp Scene, Founded by Aer on 11/15/2021 (MM/DD/YY)

Team Roster[]

  • Merc: Mech, Doctor, Agent
  • Stinky: Flanker, Trooper, Arsonist, Annihilator
  • Crane: Flanker, Trooper, Annihilator, Doctor
  • Diamond: Flanker, Marksman
  • Sleepy: Flanker, Annihilator, Marksman
  • Here: Flanker, Annihilator, Mechanic
  • Sumo: Trooper, Annihilator, Heavy


  • The smallest active competitive team by far
  • The origin of the name "The Grindmen" was originated from the group chat named "grindman42"
  • Diamond is the only non-american player in the team (he's Canadian)